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About Startup Autobahn Singapore

STARTUPAUTOBAHN Singapore is a corporate accelerator program powered by Mercedes-Benz focusing on Automotive Retail, Aftersales, Corporation and our Mercedes-Benz customers. 

Our aim is to accelerate local Startups by helping them to develop their idea towards a real life market fit within our company.

Our program will support selected startups on the highway to success. With Mercedes-Benz you will have a significant customer base to apply your startup ideas to real life challenges from DAY ONE. Be part of the journey!

We are part of STARTUPAUTOBAHN in Germany, a Daimler initiative, which is already running successfully.

STARTUPAUTOBAHN Singapore is the first ‘future of mobility’ accelerator in the red dot! 

With the support of Plug and Play, the Silicon Valley Giant, we will be tapping into a worldwide organized Accelerator network. We also have the support of National University of Singapore (NUS), which is ranked as #1 University in Asia and #12 in the world.

Focus Area

Here are some of the verticals we are looking into:

Industry Challenge Other than our focus areas:

Here are several Daimler specific industry challenges:

1. A solution to track where you have parked your car (for example by using footstep mapping technology).

2. An interactive solution to maximize customers’ in-car experience and which allows them to intuitively explore the features of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

3. A gamification solution to encourage better use of corporate tools and processes by employees.

4. A solution to reduce reckless or drink-driving, such as by detecting whether drivers are sleepy and/or driving under the influence of alcohol.

5. A smart solution for the move towards a next-generation data centre in order to increase efficiency in data centre operations.

6. A real-time solution to keep track of all IT requests and their respective status across business units within Daimler.

Program From idea to product in 100 days

Our Program

  • Start of Program 2 Recruitment

    August 2017

  • Program 2 Selection Day

    November 2017

  • Program 2 Kickoff Immersive

    November 2017

  • Program 2 Expo Day

    March 2018

  • End of Program 2

    March 2018

Startups Our startups in Program 1

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People A dedicated team to
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Partners A growing network of corporate partners, in and beyond Singapore

Daimler, NUS Enterprise, Plug and Play – as the founding partners of STARTUP AUTOBAHN Singapore, we believe in open doors, disruptive thinking, and the sharing of ideas, technology, and connections to help startups thrive faster.


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